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What Makes a Good Workshop Citizen?

Writers often say that the workshop experience is crucial in developing their art. Creating a vibrant and productive workshop is not a matter of luck — there are things we can all do to be better workshop citizens. For this special edition of Sound Skeins, we asked a selection of the dedicated writers, authors, and instructors in our community what we should all be doing to ensure we become valuable, productive, and responsible members of any writing class

Eson Kim

The Workshop

Bringing Good Things to the Page and Beyond: An Interview with Kwame Alexander

New York Times bestselling author Kwame Alexander explains how there’s much more to the writing craft than setting words on a page. It isn’t just a job; it’s a lifestyle where artists give and receive inspiration in a thriving cycle that’s powerful enough to generate positive changes in the world.

Eson Kim


Sound Skeins: Claim Your Space at the Writing Table

This is a special teen-focused edition of Sound Skeins. If you’re a teen artist who’s felt a little behind or under-supported in developing your craft, with a little grit and tenacity, you can make your way! Claim your space at the writing table.  Get a little advice and inspiration from writer-teachers Jennifer DeLeon and KL Pereira.

Eson Kim

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What’s Your Type?

Typewriters seem to be making a comeback, especially among writers and artists. Eson Kim talks to author Richard Polt, Typewriter Guru Tom Furrier, and The Boston Typewriter Orchestra to explore the tenacious hold that typewriters have on creative spirits everywhere.

Eson Kim

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Sound Skeins: The Kindness Connection at Writing Conferences

Going to a writing conference is a great way to understand and learn more about the craft. But it can also be intimidating to step into a ballroom filled with strangers. Eson Kim shares practical tips on making writing buddies in a very short time, sometimes by accident.

Eson Kim

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