Novel Inc, News from the Novel Incubator: Writing Through the Wrongs

By Kelly Ford

At the age of ten, I learned about shame.

Three things happened: I wore “I love Michael Jackson” buttons on my jean jacket, recorded dirty jokes over my Culture Club cassette tape, and took showers with my best friend. In 1980s Arkansas, these three things were all kinds of wrong.

I was called names for the first, grounded for the second. "Stop doing that," my parents said for the third


Novel Inc (News from the Novel Incubator): Fear and Friendly Fire

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By Jennie Wood

Many of us have a number one cultural issue that causes sleep deprivation, countless battles with friends and family or even, in my case, compels you to take on the daunting task of writing a novel. Transgender is my #1.

Why transgender? As a kid, my favorite thing was hanging out with my cousin, Tommy. We liked all of the same things: riding motorbikes, hunting for Big Foot, attempting stunts to get into the Guinness Book of World Records

Jennie Wood

Grub Street Novel Incubator Postpartum Depression: A Primer

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By Rob Wilstein

Four weeks since the birth. Well, partial birth, really, but, eeuuw, that sounds gross. Clinical. Even partial birth is a little generous, but what else can I call it? And now it is out of the incubator, gently lifted from the cozy, enveloping warmth and soothing light of that safe place, the Grub classroom. I speak of my novel, of course. The Grub Novel Incubator pilot year ended on May 3rd, with a group reading from our novels.


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Novel Inc, News from the Novel Incubator: Goodbye, Hello

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By Lisa Borders

"With a novel, which takes perhaps years to write, the author is not the same man he was at the end of the book as he was at the beginning. It is not only that his characters have developed – he has developed with them." – Graham Greene

Last Tuesday night, Michelle Hoover and I led our final Novel Incubator class of the 2011-2012 pilot year. Two nights later, our fearless ten student “Incubees” read excerpts from their novels to a packed house at Grub Street

Lisa Borders

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