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Writers Who Relocate: On Finding Community

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There were a million other things to focus on: parenting, work, loading the dishwasher, oh and moving halfway across the country. Grub Street's Launch Lab application deadline came at the worst time. Where in my day of working full time, spending quality time with my son, unpacking boxes, and fighting with the internet company was I going to sit down and fill out the forms? So I didn’t, and I convinced myself that I wouldn’t be missing anything, that it wasn’t worth all the effort

Nadine Johnstone

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A small, good thing from Marathon Monday


"A Small, Good Thing," first appeared in Raymond Carver's collection Cathedral. "A Small, Good Thing," first appeared in Raymond Carver's collection Cathedral.

Ilan Mochari

What's the Secret to Selling Your Book?

The 15 authors in the inaugural Grub Street Launch Lab stumbled upon one answer to this question two Saturdays ago.

Our guest, author and content czar C.C. Chapman, had just wrapped up his talk. And then he asked: "Why should I buy your book? Imagine it's just you and me, chatting, and you have to convince me."

Ilan Mochari

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Meet the Inaugural Launch Lab

Your family and friends are trying to be supportive.

But sometimes they ask questions -- "When's the book tour?" -- that just leave you shaking your head.

And all you can do is smile and explain (for the 47th time) that things don't quite work that way in 2012.


The book tour question always got me down.

Until last Friday.

Ilan Mochari

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I Have a Confession to Make

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Ok, I have a confession to make. I hope my publisher isn't reading this because it does not make me sound like the sharpest tool in the shed.

When my first book came out, my co-authors and I hired an outside publicist. We did not tell our publisher. We were too embarrassed. Why? It made us feel like we didn't trust our house PR team. Did we trust our house PR team? No.

When my second book came out, we did not hire an outside team

Katrin Schumann

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