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Light Your Fire With Fiction

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By KL Pereira

I am lighting myself on fire. Why? Because my mother told me to. Told is perhaps inaccurate. She incited, yes, and at times cajoled. When that didn’t achieve the desired result, finally, she begged.

I have always had a fear of fire. Especially my own fire.

“Don’t walk through your fears, run through them,” she yelled. “RUN!”

My mother (who I mostly call Mamacita) is a huge proponent living dangerously, of what she calls “living as if you are dying.”

January 29, 2013 | KL Pereira

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Writer(s) on the Road: Best & Worst of the Book Tours

In honor of so many friends publishing novels this spring, I thought I'd provide stories from many writers on the road: our Best & Worst Book Tour Moments. Probably every single writer, including yours truly, has dealt with Invisible Audience Syndrome:  readings where NOBODY SHOWS UP. But in case you think you're all [email protected]$$, these writers have dealt with thieves, stalking exes, ghosts and jail. Enjoy!

January 23, 2013 | Jenna Blum

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The Future is Bright for Writers

This graphic makes me happy. For many reasons.

For one, if the information in it were written up in report form (which it is, here) I would be asleep in about one minute

October 4, 2012 | Katrin Schumann

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Success Story: A Mix of Grit and Spark

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Intuitive grace.

With any luck, you feel the subtle interplay of these elements in the title of my forthcoming chapbook, Yellow Ripe. At least, that was my intent.

Funny, though. When I think back to the hard work of putting this chapbook together, “intuitive grace, movement, and color” aren’t words that immediately come to mind. “Grit, perseverance, and pragmatism” are more like it.

October 3, 2012 | Info

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