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Slaying Genre: Don't Call Them Lady Comics

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I’ve got a project going.


It started one day a few years ago. My friend V and I are skulking around the shelves at Harrison’s Comics in Salem. V is super pregnant and we’re stocking piling stacks of must-reads for her fetus (who ends up being an amazing kid, but that’s getting ahead). The fetus can’t read yet but we’ve decided to gather all the best singles and trades for when she’s old enough to read them

July 16, 2015 | KL Pereira

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Get Lost

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The only way to find the story is to lose the moment. Forget checklists, guidebooks, and maps. Stop asking for directions. Walk the crumbling footpaths and forget where you're going, where you are. 

It never occured to me that losing my way would give me direction, but it did. The picture above was taken two weeks ago in the city of Pompeii. I had no map. My idea of Pompeii was circumscribed by a diarama I'd done as a child, and though I had to realize, I tell myself now, that the city was surely larger than a shoebox, I roamed Pompeii without care

May 21, 2015 | KL Pereira

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Slaying Genre: Reading Romance Aloud

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I'm the first the admit that my family isn't normal. Of course, we aren't normal in our own special way (as most families are, though I do tend to think that mine tips the crazy scale more than a bit). Let me give you an example. One of our favorite activities is reading aloud the worst romance novels that we can find. Cheesy, melodramatic, adverb-laded, implausibly plotted tales. (When I say "worst" I actually mean "best ever" as in most entertaining.)

January 15, 2015 | KL Pereira

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Slaying Genre: Let Old Tales Inspire New

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One of the things I love about Neil Gaiman's writing is the way in which he can take an old tale, an archetype, a known setting, and spin it into something new and beautiful and relevant.

His newest storybook, Hansel and Gretel is a wonderful example. When I received this in the mail from my favorite online indie bookseller, I could hardly wait to bust open the packaging and see how Gaiman would alter the familiar tale

December 31, 2014 | KL Pereira

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