Putting on Your Metaphorical Suit: Owning it When You Say "I'm a Writer”

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While looks are largely irrelevant when you’re a writer (though they obviously don't hurt book sales), there’s no denying that the way we present ourselves to the world directly impacts how seriously people take us. I’m talking about what we say when asked, “What do you do?” and how we act when answering, “I’m a writer.”

November 3, 2011 | Katrin Schumann

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10 Hard Truths about Writing

By Lauren B. Davis

[Today we have a special guest blog from a friend of Grub Street, novelist Lauren B. Davis, author of the new novel OUR DAILY BREAD, as well as THE STUBBORN SEASON, and THE RADIANT CITY.]

Recently, a student told me she was too scatterbrained to write her novel without help, and that she needed someone to crack the whip, set deadlines, help her focus, etc.  She said she needed an editor or a partner, or both.

November 1, 2011 | Ethan Gilsdorf

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Things I don't understand (part one)

1.    String theory (but I'm trying)
2.    The almost universal appeal of canned tuna
3.    ditto Conan O'Brien
4.    ditto mayonnaise, in any usage
5.    Written instructions, ever
6.    Why Beef on Weck has not taken the nation by storm
7.    Ballet, or for that matter, opera
8.    How any living being could resist Neko Case
9.    The writings of Gaston Bachelard, especially The Poetics of Reverie (though I desperately want to)
10.    The polo shirt
11.    Why more people don't visit Finland

October 18, 2011 | Ron MacLean


Snippets from a novel I'll never write, part three

Marco's Viola (or How the War Began): It was during the transformation, the quiet time of clean-up and recovery after the four-day Festival of the Beet, in the year of confusion, that envy finally took such a firm hold in the Khan's heart that he no longer recognized his own shadow in the mirror, and he began to plan the invasion by which he vowed to discover the secrets of our glowing red clay streets or to forever destroy them.

September 19, 2011 | Info