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“I saw her rarely over the years, but each time our paths crossed she threw her arms around me as if I were exactly the person she was hoping would round the corner. I’m sure there are hundreds of people who felt that way because her attention to each of us was so special, so individual, so generous…”

Elizabeth Winthrop on Grace Paley

By Kathy Crowley (originally published on Beyond the Margins)

Tayari Jones calls Judy Blume her fairy godmother.

Stephen King chucked his manuscript for Carrie in the trash; his writer-wife Tabitha King plucked it out.

Harper Lee traveled to Kansas with Truman Capote, playing a crucial role in his research for In Cold Blood.

When Raymond Carver was young, poor and unknown, John Gardner gave him the keys to his office so that Carver could write (and sleep) there on weekends.

We have all benefited immeasurably from the generosity of other writers, people who have given their time, labor, money and care to further the work of fellow writers.  As we approach the second anniversary of Beyond the Margins’ first post, we’d like to acknowledge this important part of our writing lives.

Without further ado (drum-roll, please), we’re inviting your nominations for…Beyond The Margins’ 1st Annual ABOVE AND BEYOND AWARD!


Who can be nominated? 

Any writer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help fellow writers. Extra editing, mentoring, putting writers in touch with each other, putting writers in touch with agents and editors, running classes for young people and seniors, organizing readings: If there’s someone you know who has done one or more or all of these things, we want to hear about it.  Workshop leaders or class instructors are eligible, but no formal teaching position is required. (BTM authors and family members are ineligible, though their family members certainly deserve an award.)

Who can nominate?

You! And any other writer out there who feels inspired to do so. The only people who cannot send in nominations are BTM members. (And their mothers.)

How to nominate?

Send an email to: [email protected].  Please include your name and contact information, the name and contact information of the nominee (email address is fine), any formal affiliations or publications of that person, plus a brief (250 words) description of how you know this person and what makes him/her such an exceptional contributor to other writers. (Please do not send books, articles or other publications belonging to you or the nominee.)


Any time between December 1st and December 31st, 2011. Winners will be announced in mid-January 2012.


Though kindness is its own reward, we’ll garnish it with a glowing Beyond The Margins write-up on the winner, plus a beautiful Above & Beyond award of some yet-to-be-determined size, shape, color, weight and design.

So… who made the difference for you?  Beyond the Margins would like to hear about it.

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