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Would you compare writing to fencing, diving, or the marathon? Twenty writers from around the world share their sports-to-writing metaphors, home countries' athletic heroes, and literary legacies. 

"20 Writers From Around the World on The Olympics"


Always been more interested in the arts than in kicking, throwing, or shooting a ball at a stationary object? There used to be an Olympic event for that! Read more about the history of writers, architects, and artists who doubled as Olympians from The Huffington Post.

"In 1992, Someone Actually Won a Gold Medal for Painting"


The Olympic Dream is one of the classic aspirations of youth. (See also: princess, astronaut.) Check out Bustle's YA books celebrating the commitment and determination of high-level athletics while you're watching sixteen-year-old gymnasts achieve athletic greatness.

"10 Olympics-Themed YA Books That Celebrate Commitment and Determination"


Wondering about nudity's place in athletics? Watching water polo or beach volleyball? (Both, at the same time?) Forbes examined the nude athlete's place, from The Iliad and Ancient Greece to ESPN's Body Issue.

"A Brief History of Olympic Nudity from Ancient Greece to ESPN"


The Olympics aren't only about crushing everyone at a sport that literally only your country is good at. (Looking at you, USA Women's basketball.) They're about cultures coming together and uniting under the banner of sportsmanship, athletic excellence, and competition. That's why Rio officials are asking visitors, from athletes to officials to fans alike, to bring books from their home country to donate to the State Park Library, in an iniative called "Books of the World."

"Visiting Teams Invited to Leave Cultural Legacy at Rio 2016 Olympic Games"

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