Best of the Web 6/13/16

Today's Best of the Web is for those of us who turn to writing and literature in times of tragedy. Read on for responses to Orlando, and work that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community. 


In this compilation from Lambda Literary, writers capture our feelings of anger, sorrow, and defiance in the face of the attack last weekend in Orlando. 

"The Orlando Massacre: Writers Respond with Sadness and Outrage."


Now that Pride Month is officially underway, Cassidy Foust rounds up some of the best books to read in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.

"10 Books to Read for Pride Month." 


"Queerness is not just a sexual orientation, it is a rebellion against a calcified social system": The crucial reminders about intolerance, Islamophobia, and hypocrisy in Saleem Haddad's debut novel Guapa

"What a Novel About a Gay Arab Man Taught Me About Homophobia." 


Richard Kim pays tribute to the haven of the gay bar, where many young queer people are able to freely explore themselves and their sexualities for the very first time.

"Please Don't Stop the Music." 


So you want to read queer literature. But in the sea of cisgender, heterosexual stories, where do you begin to look? Danika Ellis gives us a rundown on Book Riot. 

"How to Find Queer Literature."

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