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Greenpeace has been battling with Resolute Forest Products for years over the company’s logging practices. In an unexpected twist, America’s Big Five trade publishers have found themselves in the middle of Greenpeace’s long-running battle to get Resolute to change its polices in Canada’s northern forests.

"Greenpeace Wars with Paper Company, Sticking Publishers in the Middle"


Parents of color are speaking up on the importance of their children seeing people who look similar to themselves and have similar culture in books so they understand that the world is diverse.

"Why Young People Need Diverse Books"


We all have friends that we were once close with but whom we didn't do a great job of keeping in touch. Bookriot's Emma Allman proposes using books to keep in touch with friends and stay involved in their lives. 

"Use a Book to Stay in Touch with Friends"


James W. Ziskin reveals how to use proust to unlock reader's memories and depict a balanced, realistic portrait of different historical periods.

"Finding the Perfect Madeleine"


Different languages embody different world views and learning a foreign language rewires your brain. Recent studies show that bilinguals think of time differently and have different ways of organizing the world around them. 

"Language Alters our Experience of Time"

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