Announcing March Short Classes

Roses are red, violets are blue, GrubStreet has the right one-day class for you. Whether you’re stuck with your memoir or unsure about what comes next in your novel, why not try one of our upcoming three-hour seminars or six-hour workshops in March. As always, scholarships are available.


March 6th & 7th

At Stake: Building Tension in Fiction

Poetry and The Body (New)

Personal Narrative Essentials Series: Writing Great Scenes

Writing From Real Life: Finding Your Stories

Be Your Own Publicist: Practical Strategies to Promote Your Book


March 13th & 14th

Novel Essentials: Finding, Signing, and Dealing with Agents

Geography, Climate, Interiors & History: Creating Rich Worlds in Memoir (3 spots left)

Publishing Your Poetry Collection (New)

Prayer as Prompt? Yes, You Can Write a Spiritual, Non-Preachy Essay

The Ultimate Book Pitch Workshop

Befriend Your Inner Critic: Skills for a Productive Writing Practice (New)

POV: Making the Most of First-Person Narrative


March 18th-21st

Muse & The Marketplace 101

Pacing in Stories and Novels

Unlocking Structure: Using Films to Give Your Story Shape (New) (March 20th & 27th)

Reading to Revise Your Short Fiction (New)

Novel Revision Series: Concept, Premise, Theme

Writing Between the Lines: A Poetry Workshop (New)


March 27th & 28th

Personal Narrative Essentials: Hooking the Reader

The Psychology of Character

Essentials of Historical Fiction

Flash: Crafting and Publishing Short Pieces (New)

Writing Page-Turning Prose

Mastering the Query Letter

Transgender Character Bootcamp

About the Author

GrubWrites is a space for the writing and reading community to share ideas and seek advice, a place where writers at the very beginning of their careers publish alongside established authors. Book lovers, we bring you reviews, recommendations, and conversations with exciting new authors to keep you up to speed on all things lit. Writers, this is your one stop shop for expert craft talk, opinions on how we learn and teach writing, and essential advice about the publishing industry.

Plus, we want to hear from you! Our ongoing call for submissions is open to literary community members of all types and persuasions. We want to hear from students, teachers, authors, readers, editors, agents, publicists, and any devotee of the written word. If you have something to say about writing, reading, the publishing industry, or anything related to the literary world, this is the place to voice it. We’re particularly committed to advocating for a diverse range of voices in the literary marketplace and raising the visibility of writers from under-represented communities.

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