"What Is A Literary Life?": Walter Mosley 2014 Interview [VIDEO]

To help keep our spirits up and our words flowing, we're sharing Muse and the Marketplace keynote talks and special event videos from GrubStreet's past in a series called "From the Grub Archive." This week, we're sharing an interview with former Muse Keynote Walter Mosley

Somehow, we lost the footage of Walter Mosley's wonderful 2014 Muse and the Marketplace keynote at the Park Plaza hotel. Very generously, Mosley agreed to sit down afterward with current Muse Director Sonya Larson to discuss the central question of his speech, a question important to so many of us: "What is a literary life?" For Mosley, it involves writing every day, listening to the music of his words by reading them aloud, the necessity of paying attention to who pays you and how to get paid, free-associating and tapping into the unconscious, and the negative space a writer creates in their work, among other elements. He also challenged Grubbies to accept the 100-Day Writing Challenge. Perhaps now is the time accept that challenge again?

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