Apply for a Muse 2020 Scholarship

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For the Muse and the Marketplace 2020, taking place April 3rd-5th, we offer partial, need-based scholarships--for general audiences, for writers doing great work in the literary community, and for writers from historically marginalized backgrounds.

We welcome you to apply for multiple scholarships by selecting all scholarships you'd like to be considered for in your application


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Ten Writing Rules That Will Improve Your Life

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Stick to a daily word count. Take more writing classes. Write twenty more queries. Yada Yada. What are the writing resolutions that are really important in terms of achieving success and having a reasonably satisfying work life?

Here are ten "rules" I try hard to live by when it comes to my writing. They don't all come naturally, but I strive to remember them, especially when I'm struggling.

September 4, 2019 | Katrin Schumann

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September 2019 Top Picks: Opportunities for Writers

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The September 2019 edition of "Writing Life Essentials," a monthly hand-curated list of contests, grants, scholarships, submissions calls, and awards, with a focus on opportunities that are at least one of the following: local, free to apply, and/or committed to celebrating and supporting writers from historically marginalized communities. We do the research, so you have more time for what matters: the writing

September 3, 2019 | Maura Intemann

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“For me, all of life’s drama is contained in the emotional struggle between two people”: A Conversation with Jeanne Blasberg

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Jeanne Blasberg’s new novel, The Nine, hot off the presses in August 2019, is a compelling mother-son story and a campus novel and a coming-of-age- tale and a gripping mystery all wrapped up in one. The follow-up to her award-winning debut novel, Eden, Blasberg’s new book was written and revised at GrubStreet

Christopher Castellani

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Instagram for Authors: Finding Followers Authentically

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When it comes to any social media channel, the number one question I’m asked in my day-job as a social media professor is, “How do I find more followers?” Sometimes this is followed up with another question: “Is it bad to buy followers?” Let’s unpack both of those questions. 

August 29, 2019 | Crystal King

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