Apply to the Memoir Generator by this Monday, July 22nd

The Memoir Generator is an intensive program designed to help students in the early stages of writing a full-length memoir. The program will provide an environment that encourages exploration and supports the writing process, and it will offer an in-depth study of the book-length memoir form. 


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Grants and Residencies for Writing Parents/Parenting Writers


GrubStreet Instructor, marketing consultant, writer, and mother of two, Allison Pottern Hoch knows how important support can be to fostering a creative life. She’ll be covering this topic and more in her class Writing Like a Parent, Parenting Like a Writer on July 20th, but until then read on to learn more about grants, scholarships, residencies and more for writers who are parents.

Allison Hoch

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Friday, July 26th: Happy Hour Writing Session

What's more satisfying than leaving work behind on a Friday afternoon? Rounding out the week with a free writing session, of course! Maximize that Friday feeling and kick off your writing weekend. Leave work behind on Friday, July 26th, from 5:30pm-6:30pm and come on over to Grub HQ for our free Happy Hour Writing Session


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How Form and Content Work Together

In this post, GrubStreet Instructor Ben Berman discusses the importance of attending to both form and content when composing and reading poems.



The other day I asked my eight-year-old what would be the first thing that she would buy if she had her own money. I’m not sure, she said, but it definitely wouldn’t be anything made out of plastic because that’s bad for the earth, and I think I’d want something that would keep me healthy.

July 10, 2019 | Ben Berman

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5 Reasons To Apply for the Short Story Incubator 

Short Story Incubator alum Ralph Rodriguez writes about why you should apply for the program. Ralph is the author of Latinx Literature Unbound: Undoing Ethnic Expectation (FORDHAM UP, 2018) and Brown Gumshoes: Detective Fiction and the Search for Chicana/o Identity

Ralph Rodriguez

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