Meet a Grubbie: Kelly Dalke

GrubStreet runs on coffee, printer ink, and community. This series features just some of the Grubbies who make our community strong. In this edition, meet Grub instructor Kelly Dalke. Kelly is a fiction writer and documentary photographer. She has worked with Dawnland Voices 2.0, an online literary magazine for indigenous writers of New England, and as the Arts Editor for Barnstorm Literary Journal. Kelly's work can be found in Flash Fiction Magazine, Bloodstone Review, and she was a finalist for the Charles Johnson Fiction Award with Crab Orchard ReviewCatch Kelly in action during her Week of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and ...

June 20, 2017 | GrubWrites

Meet a Grubbie

Best of the Web 06/19/17

Twice a month, we feature our favorite literary links. As ever, we promise: You’ll laugh. You'll ponder. You won’t get any writing done.


Greenpeace has been battling with Resolute Forest Products for years over the company’s logging practices. In an unexpected twist, America’s Big Five trade publishers have found themselves in the middle of Greenpeace’s long-running battle to get Resolute to change its polices in Canada’s northern forests.

June 19, 2017 | GrubWrites


News from Dead Darlings

Here at the Dead Darlings office we've been asking others for their advice. Last month we spoke to several novelists about craft and looked closer at the stressful process of finding an agent.

From the writers' room

Lauren Grodstein, author of Our Short History, shares how writing for an audience of one helped her find her narrator's voice. 

June 16, 2017 | The Editors at Dead Darlings

Craft Advice Read

Breaking the 1,000-Word Barrier & Finding Support for the Journey at #Muse17

Already getting excited about next year's The Muse and the Marketplace conference? So are we! Sadly, we still have a ways to go until #Muse18, but in the meantime, we're reliving the highlights from this year's #Muse17. Today, award-winning journalist Mary C. Curtis shares what she took away from this year's conference. 

June 15, 2017 | GrubWrites

The Writing Life

Making it New

My four-year-old has been coming home from pre-school lately singing songs about recycling, which my wife and I have seized as an opportunity to get rid of the stacks and stacks of paper – covered in purple scribbles and Trader Joes stickers – cluttering the house.


It’s our way of honoring the earth, we tell her whenever she begins to protest.


June 14, 2017 | Ben Berman

The Writing Life