100 Words Stories: Fantasy Edition!

Our YAWPers continue to create gorgeous prose in these two 100 word stories. Here we're transported to fantastical worlds full of warriors, psychedelic circuses, and a certain twinge of nostalgia that will follow you right into your dreams. If you're a teen (or know a teen) who loves writing, please click here for info on how you can take part in YAWP (our Young Adult Writing Program). We've got lots of exciting programs coming up and our Saturday sessions are FREE!

Up in the Air

BY Katrina Lee

The circus came to town the day I left. I took Lisa to the show, knowing she still loved the clowns. First act was juggling. Lisa watched the balls arced and swooped, then exploded into the air like multicolored popcorn. Their movement was a series of surprises so fluid that the juggler seemed more audience member than facilitator. But there was a moment when his hands were empty, and he could only wait as his balls flew around him. I saw his relief as each ball returned to his open arms. But I left that night and didn’t look back.



Camelot's Backyard

By Ruth Ballard


We were only warriors. Eight-year-olds forging new frontiers, watching Rome fall. We were brothers in arms, bandits, thieves - but you named me damsel. We shaped palace walls from snow, tore through forbidden forest with plastic machetes. We ate poisoned berries like our stomachs were made of Excalibur, melted down and recast. We could never die. You, with your cardboard helmet and shield, were noblest of all. You gutted more dragons than the rest of us combined. But I, with my cheap silk cape and tissue paper crown, was stronger. I was never warrior, never damsel. I was made to rule.


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