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Here at Grub Street, we're still feeling the excitment from our yearly YAWP Summer Teen Fellowship (if you didn't know—YAWP stands for Young Adult Writing Program).  Each year the Fellowship immerses high school students in the writers' life of creative craft and publishing. During their three weeks at Grub, the teens work with published authors on original prose and poetry, meet with literary agents and editors, take field trips to inspirational locales like the ICA, and much more. In the spirit of writers' residencies for adults, all teens will receive a $300 stipend for their commitment to the program and their time spent as working writers.

The 2014 Fellowship just finished up and this year our teens were pretty extraordinary! We're so excited by the work they created that we're publishing their 100 word stories (you read that right, an entire story in just 100 words) right here on the blog over the next few months.

Cultivating Home

By Aya Burton

Here, sleep grows in the form of orange trees cultivating land onto our drooping eyelids; dew from morning glories settles on feathery duvets. Family awaits by the kitchen counter, minds still drowsy from night. The sizzling of eggs and crumbling of toast sway to the creaking of the staircase, the rasp of the doors; morning music to our ears. We open arms to the fluttering of dry paint as it falls to our foreheads, an unexpected snowfall. It’s been six years since I first skidded through these halls, six years since I first called this house my home.



By Linden Yee

"Painting Insanity" he calls it, then tells the navy clad officers he couldn't quit if he tried. He says that he's got no home to accessorize, so he will paint up the streets as much as he damn well pleases. And when he finishes his time, because, of course, nobody believes in painting insanity, he just keeps turning the sidewalks scarlet and golden and amethyst and emerald with his dollar store paints, and people glare at his studiously bent head, but children gasp at the beautiful brush-strokes. That makes 34th street almost like a home to him.

If you dig these stories, please share them! And check out all of our teen programming.

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