Below are a few recent reviews from former students. More reviews can be found on individual class descriptions. 

"I majored in creative writing as an undergrad, and my favorite professor told me, 'If you're moving up to Boston for this job, you MUST go to Grub Street. Trust me.'  I have not been disappointed, and honestly, I can't imagine living here in Boston happily without it. I've taken fiction and play writing and I'm coming back for more."  ~Emily G.

"Being part of Grub Street has literally changed my life. Being surrounded by such an incredible community of amazing, smart and savvy creators is one of the most motivating things of which a writer can dream. Except that's the norm at Grub Street. I've met great people through Grub, have begun a new novel, boosted my credibilty as a writer, taken excellent classes (Lisa Border's novel class is the bomb!) and started a bi-weekly writers group with 3 other Grubbies I've met. And the Muse--it's a must for anyone looking to sell their book. The advice you receive and the opportunity to meet with editors and agents is invaluable. Get thee to Grub. FAST!"  ~Crystal K.

"I probably never would have known about Grub Street if not for a former co-worker; I've thanked her profusely with alcoholic beverages, and will buy her a nice bottle of something when I get my first book published. Grub Street is an invaluable resource for aspiring writers, as well as a supportive group for established ones. I've been a member for almost a year, although I've only been to one Grub Street event: Muse and the Marketplace; Grub Street's annual writing conference. While I didn't yet have a book ready for publication, I met some wonderful agents and some fabulous writers. It was an extremely supportive and inspiring group, and helped me to overcome some personal barriers to considering myself a 'writer.' Hopefully, I've made some lifelong friends and I know I'll go back to Grub Street for courses in the future. Grub Street is a great place to make contacts and improve craft. I can't speak highly enough about it. If you're a writer or want to write, go here. Period." ~Dachary C.

"There's a lot of debate in the literary community on whether pursuing an MFA is worthwhile. For me, it's not, and that's almost entirely because I have Grub Street as a very viable alternative. Like most people, I work full time and have to squeeze my writing in on the nights in weekends between all my other obligations. I've been writing like this for years, but with Grub, I can get much-needed feedback and support without putting my whole life on hold for 2-3 years. Grub lets me focus my writing on a class-by-class basis and allows me to stay within my budget constraints. Thank God for Grub! Please don't ever go away; the starving artists need you!" ~Jeff H.

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