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  • "The Muse draws a number of top New York agents and editors. For an extra fee, you can pitch them one-on-one by signing up for the popular Manuscript Mart. Don’t miss the Shop Talk Happy Hour for guaranteed face time with agents and editors if you’re looking to land a book deal." - The top 10 writing conferences in North America (the Muse is named #1!), The Writer Mag, January 2017.

  • "Last spring, GrubStreet, an independent creative writing center in Boston, hosted as part of its 2016 Muse and Marketplace Conference a first-ever “Writers of Color Roundtable.” The conversation featured authors Alexander Chee, Kaitlyn Greenidge, Mira Jacob, Sonya Larson, Celeste Ng, and myself, as well as literary agent Regina Brooks and Spiegel & Grau editor Emi Ikkanda. We shared how our personal experiences affected what we wrote, the expectations placed upon us, and our pathways to publishing. Larson, who conceptualized the roundtable, has since started a Writers of Color group in Boston “for interested peeps to meet, share resources, and champion one another.”"Jennifer De Leon, Write Down the Street Instructor, Mirrors and Windows: Finding Diversity at the color of Children's Literature Conference, Poets & Writers, Febraury 2017. 


  • "Frazier, born into poverty in southern Alabama in 1942, was a retired state employee living in senior housing in Hyde Park when someone who knew she wrote poems for church recommended her for the memoir class. She had never written about herself and hadn’t planned to wade into her past. But then the 'holy spirit' moved her, with an assist from GrubStreet, and soon she found that 'my whole childhood opened up.'" - Boston Seniors Make Memories, Memoirs at City Writing Workshop,  The Boston Globe, January 2016.

  • "[Emily] Ross gives a lot of credit for completing the novel to GrubStreet in Boston, a creative-writing center, saying, 'I never would have finished the book without their support and guidance.'" - Aspiring Writer Finally Has Time to Do It, The Boston Globe, May 2016.

  • "[Colum] McCann... the keynote speaker on April 30 at GrubStreet’s annual Muse and the Marketplace conference for writers, told the Boston chapter of his own life story before moving on to broader concerns.' - Stories About Boston and From Boston, The Boston Globe, May 2016.

  • "Something that helped me gain confidence was seeing writers of color speak about their process, learning how that path is possible, and getting involved in diverse literary communities. Conferences like the Muse & the Marketplace help by curating in an inclusive way." - At the GrubStreet Writers of Color Roundtable, LitHub, May 2016.

  • "[Pamela Wechsler] enrolled in a novel-writing workshop at GrubStreet, the Boston creative-writing center, in January 2014, had a first draft by April, and a three-book deal by October." - Pamela Wechsler is now making her case as a writer, The Boston Globe, May 2016.

  • "I am back to GrubStreet Creative Writing School in Boston, where I enrolled in a yearlong Memoir Incubator Class so I can tell the stories I have been carrying." - Boyah J Farah, Memoir Incubator Student and Judy Layzer Fellow, I Used to be a Number in a Refugee Camp. In America I Became a Person, The Guardian, May 2016.

  • "The impact of novel-intensive programs is notable not just in terms of popularity, but also in the publishing success of their students. All four programs conclude with instruction on the publishing process, and in some cases the students also meet with literary agents. The results thus far have been encouraging: A writer from StoryStudio’s program recently had her book picked up by Simon & Schuster, and a handful of other writers have found agents. As for Grub Street alumni, Hoover says, “We have seven writers under contract and five more signed with agents, which makes for about a 20 percent publication rate a year after the student finishes the program—and that’s just the Novel Incubator." - Writing Programs that Fit the Form, Poets&Writers, October 2016.

  • "De Leon is an author, editor, public speaker, and creative writing instructor, currently teaching at Emerson and Berklee while working on two novels and an essay collection. Her short story, “Home Movie,” was a 2015 Boston Book Festival selection. De Leon was also named the 2015-2016 Writer-in-Residence by the Associates of the Boston Public Library. She is currently working with GrubStreet and the Boston Public Library on “Write Down the Street,” a program providing free creative writing workshops at various BPL branches across the city." - Meet the 10 Locals Accepted into Boston's Artist-in-Residence Program,, October 2016.

  • "GrubStreet is one of the largest creative writing organizations in the country, open to writers of all levels. It is an organization that believes deeply in the power of narrative to transform us as humans, and the desperate need for us to hear stories from all walks of life, a mission very close to my heart. So I fell in love with them from the minute I walked in the door and immediately wanted to help. From a writer’s point of view, I describe GrubStreet as the lifeline of my creative pursuits. Many people think of writing as a lonely endeavor, and I suppose the actual act of sitting down and putting thoughts on paper can feel that way, but there is much more to the process than that if you are willing to give and accept help. I have found the most incredible community of writers at GrubStreet. This is a group of amazingly talented and generous people who truly want to help each other succeed. I have learned everything I know about what it takes to actually complete a novel and get it out into the marketplace through classes, conferences and the community at Grub." Katherine A. Sherbrooke on Diagramming Sentences, GrubStreet, Memoir & Fiction, The Huffington Post, November 2016

  • "If you’re a writer then you probably know that writing is an endeavor best embarked upon with the support of a welcoming, challenging, and active community of other writers and readers. And that’s exactly what the Boston-based GrubStreet has been offering writers since 1997. With over 600 writing classes and literary events offered each year, GrubStreet helps writers do what we do best: write." -19 Literary Non-Profits to Donate to This Giving Tuesday, Bustle, November 2016


  • "GrubStreet is not designed to fast-track the obviously talented to success, Bridburg says, but to make everyone who comes through the door a better writer." - Writing Your Way to a Better You: GrubStreet founder says getting published isn’t the only goal, BU TodayJuly 2015

  • "It is no secret that MFA programs across the country have a way to go to ensure that their workshops are filled with racially and ethnically diverse faculty and students." - Muse and the Marketplace Conference Assistant Director, Sonya Larson, Degrees of Diversity: Talking Race and the MFA, Poets & Writers, August 2015

  • "Eve Bridburg had not heard of the Loft in 1997 when she founded GrubStreet in Boston, which now has a $1.9 million budget and serves about 3,500 adults and children with classes, workshops, and programs. But Bridburg singled out the Loft’s previous executive director, Linda Myers, as well as Hale, for praise, explaining that both guided her through the process of building a nonprofit from scratch, “even though one could consider us competitors” for funding." - Minneapolis's Loft Literary Center Celebrates 40 Years, Publishers Weekly, September, 2015

  • "GrubStreet, a dynamic organization that has changed the literary landscape in Boston. In addition to the impressive number of workshops and classes they host, they also sponsor a major literary conference, The Muse and the Marketplace." - The Rise of the Creative Writing Center: GrubStreet, On Building a Literary Community, LitHub, September 2015

  • "She’s Come Undone author Wally Lamb was honored with the 2015 Grubby Award at GrubStreet’s annual gala, held this year at Laugh Boston and emceed by comedian Steve Macone." - Wally Lamb Honored by GrubStreet, The Boston Globe, November 2015.

  • "The joint venture between City Hall and GrubStreet Writers...aims to capture each participant’s unique story by helping them turn their memories into logical, meaningful narratives." - Boston Elders Turn Memories into Living History, New Boston Post, December 2015.

  • "Over the past 10 years instructors in Grub Street’s Memoir Project have taught writing classes in every city neighborhood and worked one-on-one with the students to hone their essays." - Boston's Older Residents Tell Stories in 'Streets of Echoes,' The Boston Globe, December 2015.



  • GrubStreet Executive Director announced as one of BostInno's 50 on Fire for 2014 Arts & Entertainment - Announcing This Year's 50 on Fire Winners, BostInno, December 2014
  • "Bridburg and her GrubStreet constituents, along with help from the likes of Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley and the Massachusetts Cultural Council, spearheaded what's growing into the Literary Cultural District." - Meet Eve Bridburg, Founder of GrubStreet & Champion of Boston's Literary Cultural DistrictBostInnoNovember 2014
  • "Boston creative writing center GrubStreet had its “Lit Up” gala at the Grand Circle Gallery on Thursday night." - GrubStreet gets ‘Lit Up’, Boston GlobeNovember 2014 
  • "The initiative for the new district came from the creative writing center GrubStreet and its executive director, Eve Bridburg. The idea, said GrubStreet spokeswoman Whitney Scharer, was to make Boston literature more visible, on a par with the performing and visual arts." - Literary cultural district showcases Boston as city of ideas, Boston GlobeAugust 2014
  • "This fall, the center will offer young-adult writing, writing for picture books and writing middle grade novels for children. Due to demand, Murphy said Grub Street averages two multiweek workshops each term dedicated to children’s or young-adult literature." - ‘Monster’ trend: Market’s hot, so local 
children’s book authors turn to 
programs, classes, Boston HeraldJuly 2014
  • "'Boston is in the midst of a literary renaissance,' Lindner said. 'And while a lot of historic sites and sculptures will be included, this should not be construed as a literary trail. It's very much a district.'" – The Potential Literary Cultural District is an Example of Boston Leading the Way, BostInno, June 2014 
  • "GrubStreet led the funding charge to conceptualize a literary district by securing a 'two-year $42,500 planning grant,' courtesy of the Massachusetts Cultural Council." – Boston's Next Specialized District Could Be of the Literary Variety, BostInno, June 2014 
  • "Best-selling novelist Walter Mosley and Jane Friedman, editor of the digital magazine Scratch, will deliver keynote speeches at Grub Street’s Muse and the Marketplace next weekend." – Names, The Boston Globe, April 2014 
  • "This week may be one of the busiest of the local literary year with more than 30 events at two festivals. Cocktails inspired by literature figure into Grub Street’s Lit Week..." – GrubStreet's Lit Week, The Boston Globe, April 2014
  • "Since 2006, Grub Street writing center and the City of Boston have been collaborating on a preservation project that has reached almost every neighborhood. The two joined forces to offer writing classes to Boston residents over age 60 and get them to put their stories down on paper." – Stories from Boston neighborhoodThe Boston Globe, March 2014 
  • "'You need to connect with other writers, which is where a place like GrubStreet comes in handy.'" – Self-published writers, and proud of it, The Boston Globe, February 2014 
  • "At an event in October 2013, honest, lively debate is exactly what GrubStreet’s panelists Pablo Medina, Regie Gibson, Jennifer De Leon, Adam Stumacher and Celeste Ng and a full-house audience had – in person and in the tweetosphere." – Title SearchThe Writer, January 2014 
  • "The group planning the district could not be any better suited for the job. GrubStreet, said Lindner, 'is an organization for, and about, and by writers and the writing community.'" – A World for Writers, Readers, and Bostonians: The Making of a Literary Cultural DistrictThe Quad, January 2014



  • "It’s been serving scribes since 1997, but one might say GrubStreet is entering the fast lane." – Catching up with Boston's independent writing center, The Improper Bostonian, December 2013 

  •  "GrubStreet, the second-largest independent writing center in the country, announced today that a second student from its Novel Incubator program has landed a publishing deal." – Second student in GrubStreet’s novel incubator program lands publishing deal, Press Release, December 2013 

  •  "In the end, Bridburg said she wants the cultural district to serve as a platform from which Bostonians can increase their literary engagement." – New district looks to honor Boston’s literary past, The Huntington News, November 2013 

  •  "GrubStreet held its annual gala the other night, and a slew of scribes turned out to support the Boston-based creative writing center." – GrubStreet celebrates, The Boston Globe, November 2013 

  •  "GrubStreet has its own ode to Poe: a blood-red typewriter sitting in the office’s entrance, enhanced by an outlandish back story Bridburg and her staff dreamed up." – City Creeps Closer To Honoring Poe’s Boston Roots, WBUR, October 2013 

  • "In September, a group lead by GrubStreet , an independent writing center, won a two-year $42,500 planning grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council . The coalition will use the money to refine its concept and pitch the commission for designation. 'The challenge,' said Eve Bridburg, GrubStreet’s executive director, 'is to make the literary visible.'" – Creating a literary district in Boston, The Boston Globe, October 2013 

  • "Schumann, one of the leaders of GrubStreet’s Launch Lab, says that authors are taught to focus their energy in ways that feel productive and meaningful to them." – Book Marketing: The Basics, Scratch Magazine, October 2013 

  • "Kamali sought to learn more and found Launch Lab, a long-term-marketing boot camp for authors offered by the independent creative-writing organization GrubStreet in Boston, MA." – The Age of the Algorithm, Scratch Magazine, October 2013 

  • "One of the things I learned at Launch Lab was to try things outside my comfort zone, but ultimately, marketing a book is a sustained effort and so in the end, you should focus on the things you like to do and walk away from the things you hate, because you won’t be able to keep them up over time." – Kate Asks Barb about the GrubStreet Launch Lab, Maine Crime Writers, October 2013 

  •  "Christopher Castellani wove together reflections on the mind’s hunger for patterns, the delight at seeing unusual words repeated, and his efforts to keep his elderly father from renewing his driver’s license at the DMV." – Silver anniversary of the PEN/Faulkner gala, The Washington Post, October 2013 

  • "E.B. Moore is grateful to GrubStreet, Boston’s independent writing center. Moore, who turned to writing after a career as a metal sculptor, participated in GrubStreet’s Novel Incubator program, and it led to a two-book deal." – GrubStreet leads to book deal for local writer, The Boston Globe, September 2013 

  • "After participating in Boston’s independent writing center’s Novel Incubator program, E. B. Moore signed a two-book deal with Penguin for An Unseemly Wife, about a 19th-century Amish woman who crossed the country in a covered wagon with her husband and children, and for its sequel." – GrubStreet Student Lands Two-Book Deal, Publishers Weekly, August 2013 

  • Quick bestseller underscores writers’ struggles, The Boston Globe, July 2013 

  • "Seaton, who is an author and memoir and narrative non-fiction coach at GrubStreet in Boston, kicked off the workshop by asking seniors their writing fears." – Seniors learn the art of writing, Dedham Transcript, June 2013 

  • "The Boston writing center GrubStreet had its annual Muse & the Marketplace conference over the weekend, drawing hundreds of writers, agents, and editors to the Park Plaza for panel discussions about the publishing industry." – Amanda Palmer: Proof That Social Media Is The Future Of Business, Forbes, May 2013 

  • "We have some great reading recommendations from a couple of literary locals [GrubStreet's Artistic Director Christopher Castellani and Mary Cotton] – and many of the books have a connection to Boston and New England." – Good Reads For The Summer, WBUR, May 2013 

  • "An emotional Amanda Palmer took the stage last week at GrubStreet's Muse and Marketplace Conference as part of the NEA- funded Publish it Forward series." – Amanda Palmer Video: What's A Rock Star Doing At A Writers' Conference?, The Huffington Post, May 2013 

  • "The Boston writing center GrubStreet had its annual Muse & the Marketplace conference over the weekend, drawing hundreds of writers, agents, and editors to the Park Plaza for panel discussions about the publishing industry." – Muse & Marketplace conference draws crowds, The Boston Globe, May 2013 

  • "I first met Power in 2004, when she joined my master novel workshop at GrubStreet, where she dazzled us with her dedication — a component as crucial to writing success as talent." – Henriette Lazaridis Power: A first-time novelist giving back, The Boston Globe, April 2013 

  • "In 2010, GrubStreet transformed itself to an extent and at a pace that would probably be impossible for a college-based workshop, even one with the desire to change." – Looking Ahead, We Wanted To Be Writers, April 2013 

  •  GrubStreet is "perfectly positioned to serve the writing community much more effectively than traditional workshops in this era of digitization, social media, self-publishing, and e-books…. and at a price young writers (or old ones, for that matter) can afford." – Professional Practices: Part 2, We Wanted To Be Writers, April 2013 

  • "Bridburg believes that even as the industry changes, the cornerstone of publishing remains the same: a book needs to blow readers away." – The Future of Books, WGBH, March 2013 

  • "Best Booth: GrubStreet's set complete with couch, table, and the always dapper Chris Castellani." – 13 Bests of AWP 2013, The Huffington Post, March 2013 

  • "Most notably, I enjoyed the good offices of the non-profit GrubStreet program that overlooks the Boston Common and trains some 2,000 writers a year in Boston, it was a pleasure to be their guest and I’m continually impressed with what Eve Bridburg and her group are doing." – Ether for Authors: Looking for AWP’s Leadership, Publishing Perspectives, March 2013 

  • "We’ll continue innovating and keeping up with what writers need, pushing all of our students toward their best work, and having fun. That’s one thing I hope never changes at GrubStreet: all of us, our staff, our instructors, our students, our board, we’re all having a great time." – Eve Bridburg interviewed by Derek Alger, PIF Magazine, March 2013 

  • "I’ve known Chris for fifteen years. We were two of the first teachers at GrubStreet, a Boston-based writing center that Chris (as executive and now artistic director) has helped build into one of the nation’s best." – The Rumpus Interview With Christopher Castellani, The Rumpus, February 2013 

  • "That feeling of having too many options, Bridburg said, can cloud things like intent and mission, which is why GrubStreet implemented Launch Lab, a program to help define success and then to figure out the best way to achieve it." – What Should Authors Do in the Digital Age?, Publishers Weekly, February 2013 

  • "This fall, Castellani turned student, as one of 16 writers with a 2013 book who beta tested a pilot program at GrubStreet called Launch Lab." – GrubStreet’s Castellani Practices What He Teaches, Publishers Weekly, January 2013 


  • "GrubStreet hosted a 'Joyride' gala the other night at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brook­line." – GrubStreet has a ‘Joyride’ in Brookline, Boston Globe, November 2012 

  • Massachusetts Teens Publish Anthology – In Brief: November 8th, Publishers Weekly, November 2012 

  •  The Gardner partners with the GrubStreet writer’s program for this soiree featuring poetry, word games, and literature. – Where to find cocktails, concerts in a museum setting, The Boston Globe, October 2012 

  • Boston Public Radio's Kara Miller spoke with Eve Bridburg, executive director of GrubStreet, about how marketing and sales tactics, along with the authors' responsibilities, are rapidly changing. – The Entrepreneurial Author, Boston Public Radio, August 2012 

  • "At a party this spring sponsored by GrubStreet, Boston’s independent writing center, novelist Elinor Lipman and Beacon Press director Helene Atwan got more than just drinks and hors d’oeuvres." – Beacon to Publish First Tweet Book, Publishers Weekly, July 2012 

  • Press Release: Teens Get a Taste of Print-On-Demand Publishing through Boston's GrubStreet. Their Anthology, One Day We Rise and We are Everywhere, to Release on October 16th

  • GrubStreet Moves Up Party - 162 Boylston Street Boston, March 30, 2012:

  • "As a teacher at GrubStreet, I have watched countless students — teenagers and seniors, tennis instructors and bartenders — find that thing on the page that they didn’t know they needed to say." – Reason To Write On, Boston Herald, June 2012 

  • "Eve Bridburg has been a literary midwife to countless books, between her work as a literary agent and as founder and director of Boston’s GrubStreet, the center of Boston’s writing world." – Eve Bridburg: GrubStreet and her life with stories, Boston Globe, April 2012 

  • "The folks in Boston may have found a way to cure novel-panic—and a whole new way for novelists to workshop." – A Novel Approach: Learning to Write More Than Stories, Poets & Writers, January/February 2012 


  • "All writers — from unpublished newcomers to experienced authors — are part of the gang at GrubStreet." – Best Literary Gang 2011, The Phoenix

  • "You should use GrubStreet." – 3 Things a Young Writer Learned at Boston Book Fest,, October 2011 

  •  "Boston literary/arts center GrubStreet threw a fab party at Mohr & McPherson this week to thank its many donors and friends." – GrubStreet Gives Thanks,, October 2011 

  • "The GrubStreet writing center, for instance, located on the other side of Boston Common, is a thriving literary community, with dozens of workshops each year, writing space, readings, and a national spring conference that draws hundreds of agents, publishers, and writers to downtown." – Borders Leaves A Vacuum, Boston Globe, August 2011 

  •  "Guiding more than 10,000 writers over the literary center’s 14 years, including everyone from untried hopefuls to award-winning novelists such as Iris Gomez and Randy Susan Meyers." – Executive Director Eve Bridburg included in The 50 Most Powerful Women in Boston, Boston Magazine, February 2011 


  • "In the world of publishing, the GrubStreet writing center is the little engine that could." – Empowering Writers, Boston Globe, July 2010 

  • "We have a student who’s a lobsterman. All day he fishes for lobsters, and at night he works on his novel in our workshops." – Interview with GrubStreet, Front Porch Journal, March 2010 

Pre-2010 Press

  •  "'The organization,' said Johnston, is as vital to Boston writers as 'oxygen is to fire.'" – Novices Peek At Literary World, Boston Globe, May 2008 

  • "The obvious part of GrubStreet’s two-fold mission is to get Boston writing, something the independent writing center has succeeded in doing through workshops and classes for the past 10 years." – GrubStreet Names Its First Book-prize Winner, The Phoenix, February 2007 

  • "With its new downtown headquarters, GrubStreet, Inc. has cemented its place at the center of literary Boston." – Putting In A Good Word, The Phoenix, October 2005 

  •  "Eve Bridburg looks to grow GrubStreet Writers into Boston’s literary hub." – Streetwise, The Phoenix, February 2003 

  •  "Anyone who wants to write is welcome at GrubStreet." – Turning Alumni into Teachers Since 1997, Bostonia, Summer 2000