A Narrative Arts Center for Boston at 50 Liberty Drive

Thank you for helping GrubStreet register excitement about the prospect of a Narrative Arts Center in Boston. Here’s how you can help.

Send a letter of support

Write a letter of support to Richard McGuinness ( and Myrna Putziger ( telling them that you want to see a Narrative Arts Center in the Seaport. Feel free to use or modify our template below.

Dear Boston Planning and Development Agency and Liberty LLC,

I am writing to urge you to support GrubStreet’s plan to create a narrative arts center in the Seaport in partnership with the Harvard Book Store and Mass Poetry.

The literary community in Boston is bursting with life and possibility. Given a proper home and venue that is open and committed to welcoming all people, the sector will explode with infectious energy, encouraging more and more participation. Reading and writing, after all, are for everyone. A 21st century narrative arts center that is committed to equity and access will add new dimension, meaning, and soul to Boston’s newest neighborhood.