Narrative Arts Center

GrubStreet has a GREAT chance of winning our bid to create a dynamic, inclusive, and fully accessible Narrative Arts Center in a 13,000 sq-ft waterfront space in Boston's Seaport, one that showcases, celebrates and supports writers at all stages and from all backgrounds. We're talking a large performance space, a new book store, and an affordable coffee shop/wine bar. Oh, we also just got a $2 million grant from the Calderwood Charitable Foundation to make this happen, but the grant is contingent on us winning the bid.

While other cities have narrative arts spaces and venues, Boston does not have a place where people from all backgrounds and income levels can create, perform, and collaborate. 

Our Community Partners

The additional building space and new stage will allow GrubStreet to partner with more arts and community groups than ever before to put on unique literary events, readings and performances. We’re excited to showcase and work with a broad range of voices and community partners, including our anchor tenet Mass Poetry.


Creating a More Accessible City

Now in its 21st year, GrubStreet has grown into the most inclusive, influential, and productive writing center in the country. We are working to lift up everyone’s voices and to ensure that artistic education is available to everyone – especially those who have been marginalized. We serve a racially and economically diverse community from every neighborhood of Boston and beyond and are committed to breaking down all barriers to participation. We believe this new narrative arts center will widen and deepen Grubstreet’s artistic, civic, and community impact, allowing us to reach more students from every community and income and to increase opportunities for everyone to participate and be heard.