GrubStreet's New Home FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About GrubStreet's New Location

Where will GrubStreet's new home be located?

It will be located in the Seaport District on the first and second floors of 50 Liberty Drive, Boston, MA 02210. It will also be located in the hearts and imaginations of all Bostonians, but that’s harder to find on a map.

If you are looking on a map, however, you’ll still find us teaching community-based classes in Mattapan, East Boston, and Roxbury, as well as Dorchester (Brookview House) and Mission Hill (Sociedad Latina).

When will GrubStreet's new home be ready?

Due to the pandemic, we can’t promise an exact move-in date yet. We’ll have a firmer date in place by spring 2021.  

Why are you moving from 162 Boylston Street?

We had been hoping to stay at 162 Boylston until our new creative writing center is complete. However, the owners of 162 Boylston Street are planning to sell the building and are therefore no longer open to extending our lease on a month-to-month basis beyond June 2020. Thankfully, this clarifies the road ahead and adds further meaning to the task of building our new center. We’ll have triple the space, a community lounge — with new red couches — a podcast studio, a cafe and a stage. How sweet and profound it will be to gather there together as soon as we are able. 

Will there be changes to the curriculum or the amount of classes offered?

Our curriculum is always changing as the program team listens to instructor and student feedback and continually thinks of new ways to teach creative writing.  In this new space, you’ll find all the classes you love AND we’ll have the opportunity to use the stage, the bookstore, and the community space to add new, dynamic offerings.

Will this change GrubStreet’s commitment to inclusivity? Low-income people? Writers of color?

No, this move will increase our commitment.  We fundamentally believe that artistic excellence goes hand in hand with radical inclusion.  

We are committed to equity and access for people of all backgrounds, income levels and ages, from teens to those in their 90s. We will continue breaking down barriers of racism and discrimination within the literary world to ensure that our programs serve and advocate for people of color, low income people, immigrants, LGBTQs, and people with disabilities.

Will the new space be accessible?

Public transportation to the district is robust, and we’ll work hard to mitigate the cost of parking and address any other obstacles people might face. We’re also thrilled that this space will be fully ADA accessible.  

How do I get there?

There’s a perception that it’s hard to get to the Seaport, but it’s not as hard as people think.  You can get to the Seaport by bus, car, boat, bike, or foot. We recommend searching for directions here to find the easiest way to travel to the Narrative Arts Center. We will be working on finding parking discounts and will update this site once we know the best, cheapest places to park.

How to get to Seaport District:

    • Car/Parking

    Find the state-of-art 24-hour One Seaport garage located at 75 Sleeper Street, across from the Envoy Hotel. The brand new garage provides convenient access to the Seaport District.

    From Logan International Airport/Route 1A:

    Take I-90 W/Ted Williams Tunnel to Exit 25 South Boston to Congress Street. *toll

    From West of Boston:

    Take Massachusetts Turnpike/I-90 E to Exit 25 South Boston (the first tunnel exit) to Congress St. *toll

    From South of Boston:

    Take I-93 N to Exit 20. Follow signs to I-90 East.

    Take the first tunnel exit on the right to South Boston.

    From North of Boston:

    Take I-93 S to Exit 23 Purchase Street/South Station.

    Take the first left onto Seaport Boulevard.

    • Public Transportation

    The South Boston Waterfront is accessible via the MBTA Silver Line bus rapid transit from South Station, as well as several MBTA bus routes. Visit the MBTA web site for detailed transit schedules. The Narrative Arts Center is a 15 minute walk from South Station on the Red Line, or you can hop on the silver line from South Station

    Silver Line Waterfront:

    The MBTA Silver Line Waterfront extends to Logan Airport (SL1 route), the Boston Marine Industrial Park (SL2 route), and Chelsea (SL3 route). The SL1, SL2 & SL3 serve South Station, Courthouse Station, World Trade Center Station, and Silver Line Way.

    MBTA Bus routes serving the South Boston Waterfront include the following:

    Route 4 connects North Station and the South Boston Waterfront (Monday- Friday, peak commute periods only).

    Route 7 travels from City Point, South Boston, and Downtown Crossing via Summer Street (Monday-Saturday).

    Route 9 connects City Point, South Boston with Copley Square.

    Route 11 connects City Point and Broadway Station in South Boston with Downtown Boston.

    Route 47 connects Broadway Station in South Boston to Central Square in Cambridge.

    Route 448, Route 449 and Route 459 serve commuters coming from North of Boston  (Monday-Friday).

    • Water Transportation

    Commuter Boat:

    MBTA commuter ferries travel year round from Hingham to Rowes Wharf, Hingham and Hull to Long Wharf, and from Charlestown to Long Wharf. Check the MBTA website for boat service details and schedules.

    Additionally, seasonal ferries travel from Salem to Long Wharf and Lynn to Long Wharf. Check the Boston Harbor Cruises web site for details.

    Rowes Wharf and Long Wharf are within walking distance to many points throughout the South Boston Waterfront.

    Water taxi:

    Water taxi providers operate year-round throughout Boston Harbor, providing on-demand service between various docks in the South Boston Waterfront and popular destinations including Logan International Airport, Charlestown, the North End, and more. Call ahead to arrange a pick-up and inquire about specific harbor destinations and rates.

    Water taxi providers include Boston Harbor Cruises and Rowes Wharf Water Transport.

    • Bike

    Blue Bikes is Boston’s bike sharing system.Visit the Hubway web site or download their mobile app to learn more. Blue Bike stations within the South Boston Waterfront are located:

    • South Station at 700 Atlantic Avenue
    • Seaport Boulevard at Sleeper Street
    • Congress Street at Sleeper Street
    • Fan Pier, near the Fan Pier Marina behind One Marina Park Drive
    • Seaport Square, on Seaport Boulevard near District Hall
    • Boston Wharf Road at Seaport Boulevard outside CVS
    • Seaport Hotel, on Congress Street
    • Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, on Summer Street
    • P&G Gillette, one block from Broadway T Station
    • Congress Street at Northern Avenue
    • The Lawn on D
    • Dry Dock Avenue, ID Building East & West

    Will you still be cozy and grubby?

    Nope, we’re going to be even cozier and even grubbier! That’s right, despite swankier and larger digs, we will stay true to the grubby spirit.  You have our word. We believe that artistic excellence can’t happen without radical inclusion which means scholarships, inclusive staffing and decision-making, being against snobbery in all its forms, and encouraging everyone to make friends (if they choose! Some writers are prickly).    

    How do I donate?

    We’ve started a capital campaign. If you would like to get involved, please contact [email protected].

    We are moving!

    Did you know GrubStreet will be moving
    to a brand new space in 2020?

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