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Your one stop source for all official Grub swag and publications. All proceeds benefit your favorite non-profit writing center. Currently, items are not available for online purchase; please contact [email protected] or call 617-695-0075 to place an order. Shipping & handling is included in prices below. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive. 

If you'd like to avoid shipping charges ($5), you can always choose to pick up your item at our headquarters.  

Official GrubStreet Mug

What's that sitting next to your laptop? Oh, just the world's most well-proportioned mug, steaming with a full cup of the your beverage of choice. This mug is equal opportunity: it's just as happy to be filled with tea, coffee, or in a pinch, a nightcap. ($12 including shipping) 

Official GrubStreet Tote Bag

Go ahead, admit it. You've got a problem. You love books. You loooooooove them. You love them so much, you can't figure out how to carry all of the ones you around town. The good news is, we've got you covered. Just load up your handy new GrubStreet tote, and carry your favorite books in style. Problem solved. ($15 including shipping)

Limited Edition Keyboard T-Shirt

Picture this: you head out to a coffeehouse to get some writing done, sporting your new extremely flattering GrubStreet t-shirt. Latte in hand, you scan the room for a place to sit, when you spot someone at a table, head down, typing furiously. He's wearing the same t-shirt as you. You make eye contact, but don't interrupt him -- you can tell he's deep into his work. Was it Ryan Gosling? You'll never know for sure. ($17. This does not include shipping. Supply is limited, and we reccomend you stop by GrubStreet to view available sizes.) 

P.S. - That's right, the keyboard does spell Grub.

Little Gray Island

This anthology features compelling first-hand accounts of childhoods and vacations on the island of Nantucket, written by twenty-four senior residents. These true stories vividly bring to life the individual and collective experiences of native islanders and “washashores” alike and document island living, historic homesteads, and lineages of sea captains. You will witness the dramas of a whaling ship run aground, a tight sailboat race, and flying in a small plane through dense fog. You can almost taste the lacy seaweed pudding, fresh-caught bluefish, beach plums, and elderberry wine. You’ll want nothing more than to visit (or return) and explore anew its sandy paths, bogs, and forests. The extraordinary details, wisdom, and wit found in these essays evoke the magic to be found there. Little Gray Island is an eloquent documentation of these authors’ unique history and brings to life a Nantucket that may have been forgotten without them. The Memoir Project’s Nantucket anthology! ($19.95 including shipping)&nbsp

The project has also published three other anthologiesBorn Before PlasticMy Legacy Is Simply This, and Sometimes They Sang With Us.